Read. Breathe. Read. The bookish bit (Thing 2 and introducing Rudai23 )

Books are my everything. They are my mask (who needs make-up!) quite literally on the underground and act as my shield when travelling to new places. They are my ‘friends’ when waiting in queues. (Gordon Comstock was a great pal on a recent excursion to Camden’s Roundhouse.) There is always ALWAYS a book in my bag. So it goes without saying that if books are my pals and protectors, then public libraries are my lifeline. They have been a shelter and a comfort since I was old enough to hold Beatrix Potter’s  Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. Growing up, public libraries became the valued extension of my home; Places of warmth and hope during austere student days.

Through sun-bleached hair days and muddy, wet autumns outdoors, I found time to get to my local library for some peace and solace. Through various graduate and post graduate degrees, public library visits remained constant for information, hope and reading matter. Eventually a job opportunity came along to work in my local public branch library (it even had it’s own garden).  After many years of work and life changes, I currently work as a librarian for a public library. The(e)book is as essential as air and I am passionate about getting people to see the benefits, hope and joy that reading and life-long learning through reading groups, story times, well-being events gives : How utterly essential public libraries are. To quote Harper Lee  ” Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing” Therefore my job is my passion and it allows me to help others to live: Read. Breathe. Read….

More bookish bits: Rudai23: Thing 1

This blog has taken it’s time to appear. I’ve wanted to write a blog combining my life passions of books/libraries/music/plants for a while but have been fearful of how to go about blending it together? Thanks to signing up to the Rudai23 course, I might just do it. There will be mistakes and occasional surreal comment and probably some terrible phrases. It will all be a bit wobbly I’m sure. But hey, it is all learning.

Starting the Rudai23 course as part of my librarian CPD has come along at just the right time. When I saw what the course had to offer I made many excuses to avoid taking part (mainly because it is summer, and there is so much watering and weeding to do) but I knew deep down I needed to drag myself kicking and screaming to the keyboard. Thank you Rudai23 for getting me started.

Rudai23 Thing 2 completed. Bring on Thing3!


2 thoughts on “Read. Breathe. Read. The bookish bit (Thing 2 and introducing Rudai23 )

  1. Delighted you’ve joined us for #Rudai23. Have you considered including some information about yourself on your About page to let your readers know a little about who they are following?


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