Rudai23 Thing 3: Professional Brand #Thing4 and #Thing5 Online Networks

Okaaay. Thing 3 is all about your professional brand, LinkedIn, About.Me and being in control of the personal brand of ME.

I have tried LinkedIn before and found it merely a snoopers paradise and therefore naturally rather wary about the whole LinkedIn thing….and yet the benefits are massive for networking with peers and creating opportunities. My Linked In site is a work-in-progress. Snoopers paradise or not, the benefits of being on here are huge.

#Thing 4 allowed me to familiarise myself with Google+, including Hangouts to meet some of the Rudai 23 folk from the comfort of my living room. Hangouts shows the potential for attending conferences and meetings under limited time and financial constraints. Is Hangouts the best site for these virtual meetings? Is Hangouts better when you use it on the phone or on the computer? More exploring is required.

Networking through these various forms of social media offer so many benefits; especially during these austere financial times when every conference application seems to be rejected, it is great to know there are many ways to still connect with the networks that matter through various social media formats. Lone working librarians get the chance to network with other professionals and the network allows library and information professionals to keep up-to-date with activities all over the world. I have now joined two LinkedIn groups. Wow. The potential is MASSIVE

So I have finally done it. I am now ‘LinkedIn

#Thing 5 Online Networks through Facebook and Twitter feel like more familiar grounds for quick up-to-date networking. Seeing the benefits of these various social media devices for networking has been interesting – I do wish I had octopus arms to move between smartphone and computer to keep up with everything, so will need to evaluate their uses as to the benefits each has to offer at various times and for various functions


3 thoughts on “Rudai23 Thing 3: Professional Brand #Thing4 and #Thing5 Online Networks

  1. I love the comment about LinkedIn being a snoopers paradise! I’ve often felt the same, but joining the Rudai 23 group has been great. As you said, I can see the benefits for networking now.

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  2. I find Hangouts better on my phone, but that’s because I don’t actually like videochat that much. I prefer to treat Hangouts like a phonecall. #rudai23


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