Reflective Practice: Rudai23 #Thing6

library reflections

Image Knightystar. All Rights Reserved

Only 6 ‘Things’ and so much to reflect on.

Firstly I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and using a wide array of social media platforms and tools. Being able to look back over this course so far and know I now have the beginnings of a LinkedIn account, started a blog, a Google + account and reviewed my Facebook and Twitter presence. One of the biggest benefits has been being able to join other professionals and Rudai23 participants in groups, networks, circles and lists. I’ve even managed to wave “Hello!” to some of the #Rudai23 folk from the comfort of my living room. I have learned so much already. Wow. So many doors have been virtually opened in just 16 days. Today I have taken the #Thing6 chance to see other Rudai23 blogs out there. They are amazing. They have inspired me through their differing styles and imaginative content to be more confidence about using different media in my posts, especially photos and animated GIF’s.

Today I have added my own photo taken on a recent visit to the new Weston Library, Oxford.

As I find my social media ‘feet’ and the right ‘voice’, I look forward to the challenges that the next 17 Things to come have to offer.


2 thoughts on “Reflective Practice: Rudai23 #Thing6

  1. Great blog, your posts are so well written. I would agree there is a lot to explore further out there. I am currently plucking up the courage to ask a question out there on a forum (cue strong cup of tea!)


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