The Potential: Podcasts #Thing 7

Reading MU Library Lady’s blog piece ‘Pondering the podcast’ was very useful regarding practicalities. As someone new to the whole podcast experience, this blog has some useful tips regarding talk time and clarity.I will have a bit of a play in the next few weeks to see how they can be incorporated into out library media ‘kit’ and to see if I can coax some of my wonderfully-warm-BBC-voiced colleagues into testing out the potential of the podcast.

Some of the most popular podcasts show the variety of subjects covered. This demonstrated to me that a public library is perfect for hosting regular, lively and eclectic podcasts on a range of subjects and events for a range of users. So much potential! From library literary events, interviews with authors, book club discussions, oral archives, promoting live acts such as poetry, coffee concerts, teen music nights and story times.

The logistics of setting up regular podcasts will need a little organising with my colleagues but definitely need testing. After viewing Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces I am tempted to look further into what has to offer as I enjoyed listening and watching the slideshow that went alongside the podcasts. I also viewed, who Bletchley Park run their podcasts through. So many platforms to consider and which would work best for us?

Podcasts offer a great audio link to our users, especially if they can go hand in hand with supporting and promoting the role the library plays within their community. It is on that note that I will end with a rather apt Soundcloud podcast from Neil Gaiman from earlier this year. Enjoy


3 thoughts on “The Potential: Podcasts #Thing 7

  1. You mention that hat a public library is perfect for hosting regular, lively and eclectic podcasts on a range of subjects and events for a range of users. Do you think that libraries should invest in podcasting equipment for public use in order to encourage library users to create their own podcasts?


    • Hi Caroline, that’s an interesting idea. We certainly have plenty of adult and teen groups that use the library who could report back on the events they run. I think we’d have to have some trained staff assisting initially and assess it’s use as a tool for community communication after that. You have got me thinking about the legal implications for handing a podcast over to library users regarding self generating content thought a library site as well as the cost of equipment. Hmmm. Start slowly and assess its uses as we go along I think… How does your library use podcasts?


  2. I haven’t starting using podcasts in my library yet, but I’m definitely going to have to look into it. First of all I have to see what the corporate firewalls will allow…

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