Curiouser and curiouser? #Thing8 Curation Tools

Pinterest, Storify and Flipboard. They offer a good way to group certain events/themes/ideas together and whilst I have limited use with all of them, I’m not really been sure how they would work within my own public library sphere.

In fact, stepping back a little; as Thing 8 marks a third of the way through the Rudai23 course, it is a good time for me to take stock of all the digital media tools I have come across so far and to consider which are the most accessible to both staff and public users.

I regularly use Twitter, Facebook (and Hootsuite) at work and more recently have started using tools such as Pinterest (and to a lesser extent) Flipboard, to pull ideas together for discussion at meetings regarding themes for future events. Pinterest, in particular, is a lovely, visual way to show colleagues what you are trying to achieve and it generates discussion and ideas, and I think because it is such a visual tool this really helps focus meeting discussions. It is also very easy to use, which most of my work colleagues would readily engage with.

Pinterest is useful as it can  be shared with and added to by other staff (those that wish to be guest pinners) prior to meetings. It then becomes a very interactive document for discussion. Pinterest also has the potential for being an excellent way of displaying library events, activities and news, again, useful with more than one staff member ‘pinning’ into the board.

Storify and Flipboard will need a bit more time for exploring how they can be utilised.

There are a lot of tools out there and as I am beginning to discover, a lot less time available to fully discover their uses. A lot more out-of-hour digital delving for me, but also trying to work out which of these tools are the most useful to inform our users and staff? Maintaining and keeping up with new media tools out there means that more of my work time will need to be dedicated to social media, and the criteria for how we present ourselves and service through these tools will need consideration.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the choice and changing digital tools out there and feel ‘funnelled’ down certain digital ‘rabbit hole’ into seeing only certain information and ideas from some sources and not others: I will keep trying out and pondering on these tools, which appear to be continually curious (especially the rather addictive Pinterest, which could keep me constantly searching and searching and sear…)


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