#Thing9 & 10: Stream a little stream of me? Video and live streaming

*Deep breath* There are so many ‘naturals’ in front of a screen – but I am not one of them! So it was with great trepidation and determination that I tackled Things 9 and 10: Video and live streaming, as I haven’t used screen capture tools before or uploaded anything to YouTube, so Thing 9 is a whole new experience!

Thing 9: Video

The screen capture was a less daunting version of a video, with only my voice and words to contend with. in turn, this made me feel less anxious about using it and uploading in a public domain. The screen capture tool would allow my workplace to easily explain library facilities to users, such as the eReading materials, as I demo in the screencast, but their potential is huge, especially as a means to demonstrate instructions to library staff, as a reference point for any new staff and also a means to upload  new or updated information on how to use online facilities to our users through adding links to our webpage or through our social media sites..

Screencast-o-matic was a very easy screen capture tool to use and after following the extremely helpful advice from the Rudai23 Team through their Thing9 blog, someone totally new to the whole experience like myself was even able to complete the Thing 9 task. Okay it isn’t perfect, but I was able to add annotations and manage a basic demo.

The potential of screencasts to myself and my colleagues for providing easy to follow visual step-by-step instructions that I have already talked with colleagues about using the screen capture tool to ease staff time on questions we are repeatedly asked.

Before proceeding with screencasts, we would need to be absolutely clear about what we wanted to achieve and get feedback to ensure we make clear and useful screencasts, for example, what font size would be best to use for library users to view?

I have asked that we find a quiet place to record as the microphone picked up the smallest noise. I would also script what I was going to say and what annotations to add and think that working together with other colleagues would ensure we produced exactly the screencast we wanted, especially as some of my colleagues have lovely voices to listen to!


Thing 10: Live Streaming

Prior to Thing 4 I took part in the first Hangouts.  It was my first Hangouts experience and I was pleased to see how it worked but my microphone didn’t work well and I found it hard to hear everyone taking part, so it was interesting to be able to watch this evening’s Hangouts-On Air and comment to it through the Twitter feed #r23hoa.

With a smaller number of participants and facilitated conversation I felt at ease as I  could still take part by interacting through twitter. ). This was useful as to begin with I was viewing via the blog, and there was a bit of a time delay between viewing YouTube through here and viewing it directly through YouTube. I was able to convey my concern straight away via Twitter, and also mention that the time delay had sorted itself out after a few minutes later – useful to know how things are working, and if I was facilitating a session I would like to know that I could get a clear conversation fro  the audience.

I was able to interchange between the Rudai23 blog and YouTube sites to view the live conversation. Being able to view the conversation through the blog and YouTube channel meant that even if I didn’t want to interact, I could still watch the conversation at a suitable time, even if couldn’t make the Hangouts. Brilliant! This would be great to have at the end of every session at library conferences for those that are unable to attend. Watching and interacting through Twitter made me feel part of the conversation, even thought I wasn’t ‘there’. This wasn’t just because of the versatile virtual tools, but also the people running the session in facilitating an excellent virtual ‘getting together’, allowing time in the session for Twitter questions to be answered, and if not enough time, questions still being answered on Twitter afterwards. This is an important consideration in allowing everyone to get as much as they can out of  a Hangouts  session and a time consideration if being used as a too at a conference.


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