Thing 11: Reflection: Time and Tide…

East Runton reflections

Deeper reflections and time

Time to stop for a few minutes and consider how far I’ve come. This course has really expanded my knowledge of many social media tools, forcing me from the comfort zone of updating my library’s facebook/ twitter feeds into using and interacting myself through these and other social media forms. Had I not started this course, I would have happily watched and understood the processes at a distance, talking myself out of interacting or ‘putting myself out there’. I am still on the cautious side, but as this course is progressing I am feeling more comfortable in the various virtual mediums. Making the initial trial screencast as part of Thing 9 has given me more confidence in being able to use this tool in the future and how we could use screencasts at my library.

This course has given a lift; professionally, through linking up with other like-minded individuals and personally in improving my virtual confidence in joining sites, creating a blog and trying out virtual tools.

Writing reflective blogs has been very beneficial in allowing me to articulating and evaluating the processes. Reflection allows me to see that a mistake isn’t a mistake as long as you can learn something you can take away from the process. ‘Umm-ing’ in screencasts, for example allowed me to get it ‘right’ on the 5th attempt after realising the importance of having a script and practicing prior to pressing the ‘record’ button! Having a quiet room to record in is especially important too as my microphone picked up the tiniest of noises (police sirens are not a good background noise, or children arguing!)


Time!  If only I had more of it!

I have very limited time at work to do anything apart from work; being part-time means that generally fitting everything into my time at work is difficult and trying to promote some of the new tools gained from the Rudai23 course requires time at work.

Arranging time to meet up with work colleagues to try out some of these tools has involved initial booking of a one hour time slot in the next available space, which is in 2 weeks and subject to change. There is some sort of irony in this process, that being short of time to try out new virtual tools, to create the screencasts will in the long run free up staff, giving them more time! Yet to promote these new tools we have limited time available to try them out!

In order to demonstrate screencasts, I will need to prepare for this meeting in my own time, ensuring that our meeting venue highlights the benefits of screen casting to their maximum; I will need to ensure that the meeting takes place in a room where there is good Wi-Fi connectivity (some meeting spots are less consistent), and that the room is sufficiently quiet to test out screencast software. If I can demonstrate how valuable some of these new tools are, I may be able to get more work time to proceed further, with more colleagues ‘on-side’, which can only be a good thing for promoting the use of new tools (and getting colleagues with lovelier voices to do the performing!) which in the long run should save on staff time through having a source of well scripted screencasts available as information for new staff and library users.

All of my Rudai23 course is completed at home, fitting in around work and family commitments. Blog updates are usually after midnight when I can get a bit of ‘me’ thinking time! Whilst sometimes I am too tired to even type, knowing I have a time slot put aside, forces me to be focused and clear in my thoughts and reflections ,even if I do have to return to the blog post afterwards for a bit of an edit! Having the very useful Rudai23 diary on the left-hand side of their blog is a great help in reminding me of what is coming up and to block time in my diary for catching up and making time to attend pre-organised course events such as the initial Google Hangouts and interact through twitter in the most recent Google Hangouts, thus getting the maximum benefits from this wonderfully motivating course.

Half way through and I’m all set and ready: Bring on the final half!

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2 thoughts on “Thing 11: Reflection: Time and Tide…

  1. Delighted to read such a good reflective piece. It sounds like you are putting lots into Rudai 23 and getting lots of out of it too. Keep up the good work!


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