Thing 16 Collaboration Tools

I have had a look at Google Drive and sharing documents. This is used in my workplace, but is relatively new and I have had limited use. I can see that I will be using Google Drive for sharing future documents for edit, but I will need to be clear that edits need to be completed by a certain time to allow for all comments and suggestions to be considered for the final version of the document. IF being share with many, one person would still need to be responsible for the overall end document.

I am aware of colleagues that have lost documents through others ‘editing’ their document using Drive, but think this mistake might have been due to limited training in using the editing tools present by all people given access to edit. Therefore original, back up copy(pre open-to-edit) might be useful to have in case this happens in future!

Using the Rudai23 Document just now, I found I really liked the ‘suggestions’ tool rather than the ‘edit’ as it allowed me to comment rather than alter the original document, leaving it up to the document’s main ‘owner (s)’ to decide if they want to use my suggestions or not. It also allows me to see who has edited/commented on the document – once again, really useful if you have a meeting and want everyones view on it. The colour-linked comment boxes on the side help see who has said what, again, useful to see where the productive/constructive comments are coming from.

It is a very efficient way to get everyone’s input into a document, especially if you need to complete a project but have limited time with the people you are working with because they are in other buildings/ organisations/other parts of the world or due to time tables not overlapping

I can see that this would be very useful for making a presentation in google slides if there is more than one of you collaborating from say, different organisations for a conference, saving lots of joint time together or sending email drafts back and forth, by being able to edit the document this way, passing it back and forward with edits and comment until all parties are happy with it is quick, efficient and productive.


One thought on “Thing 16 Collaboration Tools

  1. I think the group edit/comment function in Google Drive is one of the best inventions around. Getting rid of emails flying back and forth is great and it’s much easier to stick to deadlines when participants can see edits taking place in real time. #rudai23

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