Thing 19: The Legal Side of Things


Thing 19 comes aptly for me on the heels of my Thing 18 blog, especially after finding my own library service had differing levels of protection on their Flickr images be they from the library (all rights reserved) or the archive (Creative Commons Licence, some rights reserved).

Photo of Miss Biddulph from The Past on Glass at Sutton Archives CC BY-NC 2.0

I will need to investigating this topic in greater detail through the useful links Caroline mentions in the Thing 19 post in order to find out the reasons why there are different levels of protection within my workplace on their photographs on Flickr. This is possibly linked to the different roles the photographs have. Since Thing 18 I have discovered that people who initially set up the Library Flickr account (All Rights reserved) have left the service and the photos were believed to be for official publicity use. The Archives (Creative Commons Licence, Some Rights Reserved) allow for some access to their photos. I am yet to find answers to this question, so will investigate and update this blog when I discover more!

Learning from my own mistake!

Due to a misunderstanding, I have personally dealt with seeing my own photos copyrighted under someone else’s name, from which they have been able to gain financial revenue. This situation has since been rectified, but has made me acutely aware about the photos I put up on my own blog or indeed use at work, to ensure that the Creative Commons licence is taken into account, and that learning through my own experience I give others the appropriate recognition for their work. I try to ensure that the source of my photo/information is easy to find, and include hyperlinked text close to the source of the material I have used to allow readers access to the original site I got the photo/material from as well as link to the appropriate Creative Commons licence deed.

This has made me very apprehensive about using photos from other sources, so if I am in any doubt about an image, I tend to use my own photos and steer well clear of using anyone elses! I realise that understanding more about the legal side of things will give me more confidence in using and acknowledging others work, which in turn will allow an improved transfer of information and ideas (as well as make for more interesting blog posts)

I have a great deal to learn on this subject, but discovering sites offering materials under public domain may be a way forward in gaining confidence with increasing the number of photos and materials I use in my blog.

Further investigation is required!

All photos (unless stated) come from the British Library Flickr Public Domain photos


2 thoughts on “Thing 19: The Legal Side of Things

  1. Sounds like your own experience of finding your work used by someone else would make a good cautionary tale. Do you watermark all your images now before posting them?


    • I have watermarked in the past but because watermarks can sometimes be removed I now tend to put up photos I don’t mind others using but do put them up on Flickr under the various Creative Commons licences. I think the Creative Commons licence is fantastic with its range of easy to understand licences allowing both recognition and use of images and also allowing more people to use that photo/information which, if under copyright or watermarked might not have been used.

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