Thing 23 – yes Thing 23! Making It All Work Together

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Hooray for Hootsuite!

With all the social media and web tools being used by the same person/work place, social media management tools are an excellent way to view and manage through one provider. I have used Hootsuite at work over the past eight months and this allows me a convenient format to view the many social media feeds as well as get updated regarding comments that require response. This has been especially useful with a personal hootsuite when following the recent CILIP Conference virtually. Being unable to attend this conference but having Hootsuite open allowed me to view feeds to my twitter/Facebook feeds on one screen and respond accordingly.

As I have been using Hootsuite longer at work I will describe my experiences of using it in that capacity:

The most useful part to Hootsuite at work is its scheduling facility. This allows the writing of one post to be sent at a specific time and date in the future to all or some of your social media sites. At work, this means posting to Twitter and Facebook. As I have  limited work time available for social media activities and am not always near a computer or a smartphone, advance notice allows the scheduling of a range of posts for events ahead of time and often on days when I am not working, allowing me to feel in social media ‘control’. An example of this includes the four posts I was able to schedule (for a day when I wasn’t working) for last week’s National Poetry Day:

hootsuite scheduling (2)

Caution is required when using scheduling. Once or twice I have added posts on days when events have changed at the last minute, so definitely check  your ‘scheduling site’ on a regular basis to ensure what you are about to post is still relevant.  This problem has to some extent been rectified through checking the scheduling tab first thing in the morning to check what, if any, schedules are due to be posted that day, with certain posts being edited accordingly before the posting time!

Sometimes I find Hootsuite can ‘double post’ – this might be due to the way I have set up the dashboard, so might need to investigate the hootsuite settings. Recently, when viewing Hootsuite posts on the Twitter account, two posts rather than only one arrived, one, being my actual post (with picture) the other being a post saying ‘I have just uploaded a photo to my facebook page’. For Twitter followers, these posts must look impersonal and rather robotic and this might lead to less of a personal and inviting tone to our individual social media sites. I will need to look into rectifying this glitch. It also highlights that whilst allowing you an oversee to your social media tools, it is still important to actually log in at regular times to the individual social media accounts, to check what your followers are viewing, ensuring that your posts are presenting the message you posted in the way you want.

Wow – That’s the end of Rudai 23! I can’t believe it’s all over! What a fantastic course – a MASSIVE thanks to everyone running this course: Kristopher Meen, Mary Murray, Elizabeth Keane Kelly, Niamh O’Donovan, Michelle Breen, Christine Jordan, Siobhan McGuinness, Wayne Gibbons, Emmet Keoghan, Stephanie Ronan and bit thanks to Caroline Rowan who helpful comments on my blogposts have made me think deeper and made me keep on questioning.

You have all been marvellous. Until I can buy you a beer by way of thanks, I am sending you a virtual one – sláinte mhaith!


2 thoughts on “Thing 23 – yes Thing 23! Making It All Work Together

  1. Congratulations on completing Rudai23. It’s a huge achievement and you have written some really wonderful reflective and thought-provoking posts throughout the course. We were delighted to have you with us! #rudai23

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